Adios Mr. Wilson… and to all your fans


Google searches eh? It leads the horses to the water — just not necessarily the right water. Take the Comical Hat. Non-regular readers come here via various searches. I have the stats to prove it and thanks to my penchant to dropping popular culture references from time to time we have lured the likes of Gene Wilder fans, people who want to know more about Lenny Kravitz’s straight hair phase, Miss Afghanistan 2009, Anthony Bourdain and alcohol, and the film Glen Garry Glen Ross, to name but a few.

We have also had one person google “مباني” and end up on the Comical Hat. Not sure what it means mind you but we’re not afraid to repeat it once more. We’ve also had people google “who invented wasabi?’ and “a vomit diagram” and end up on this page.

Despite the fact that we’re inclusive folk and fond of seeing towering figures in the stats department, I — Teddy de Burca Jnr, director of The Comical Hat Inc. — do feel we have to delete one post which has somehow got too popular and has led, since the inception of this wee blog, nearly 2,000 google-mongers here and of late an average of 35+ readers per day are coming because of this same post.

The main culprit involved is Owen Wilson and the story was about how Rolex the company claimed his Rolex saved his life when he was contemplating suicide (it “inspired” him to go on living or something like that). Nothing to do with Vietnam, correct. It was a “slow blog day” and yup, we thought it was funny. Yet people — Owen Wilson fans — obviously kept on finding the post while scouring the interweb for news on their blonde-haired hero… and now if you google images for Owen Wilson The Comical Hat is the 22nd recommended page — not quite on the first page but nearly. If you type in “Owen Wilson Rolex”, it’s first.

So enough is enough. We’re sick of misleading these poor people and the thought that we’re possibly being labelled as a Perez Hilton-styled blog that’s obsessed with Owen Wilson. The post is heading for the underworld where all the unwanted and deleted internet crap resides.

Fare thee well Mr Wilson and if forever, then forever fare the well…

In the meantime, as ever, we’d like to welcome all the Gene Wilder fans to the house. He’s the best isn’t he? And did I mention that he lives in Vietnam in the town of ___ ___ in ____ ___ province?


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