The editorial board of The Comical Hat used to manage another blog called Pittstop Works – for the record it wasn’t a misspelling of Pit Stop but a misspelling of Penelope Pitstop. One of our founding members, Yorkie Pittstop junior, isn’t actually called Yorkie Pittstop, he made that name up in honour of Penelope, so it’s his fault that our entire life as bloggers in the Pittstop days was spent smiling for the cameras under a typo. Yes, we do feel a bit silly.    

Anyway, back in the old days when there was more time for frittering around we wrote stories, really silly ones. Some highlights from 2003-2006 include…

(*Apologies — just realised these links have been non-valid, don’t know for how long, most have been fixed up)

  1. Tay Ba lo — About being a backpacker bum even if you aren’t a backpacker)
  2. The Kickstand Monitor (One man’s fight against kickstand negligence)
  3. I am not a madame, I am a monsieur! (Self-explanatory)
  4. A poorly researched analysis of Vietnamese pronouns
  5. Nguyen’s Law – (Rule: everything that can be frustrating will be frustrating in Hanoi)
  6. How I learnt to “have a good appetite” (Eating on Vietnam airlines)
  7. Breaking up with your xe om driver is hard to do (three posts down)
  8. Under Construction (living by a permanent building site)
  9. Two stories about Tet (One’s about kumquat trees the other isn’t)
  10. The Vigilante’s guilt complex (A citizen’s arrest can be a moral dilemma — four or five posts down)
  11. A wedding in Saigon (I think it was a wedding)
  12. Put that in your pipe and smoke it! Smoking thuoc lao pipes (bottom post)

There was also a few pieces that were published in the now defunct Hungry Geese, the world’s only postal-order only A3 sheet of cartoons and articles made by our illustrator friend Paul Oslo Davis.

  1. Snails – My gastronomical nemesis
  2. I’d like to teach the world to “oi!”

As well as a couple of articles published in the Guardian Weekly

  1. Beep-beep-m’beep-beep yeah (original version)
  2. The one about breaking up with a xe om driver…

If you would like to buy or borrow some of Pitttsop Work’s archives, rather than just steal them without asking, we are open to offers.


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