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Necrophilia we know – but pseudo-necrophilia? Where’s Sigmund Freud when you need to be laid across a chaise longue and have such complicated matters of the heart and mind explained to you. He — Sigmund — might be able to get to the bottom of the curious tale regarding Le Van, the 55-year old farmer, […]

Google searches eh? It leads the horses to the water — just not necessarily the right water. Take the Comical Hat. Non-regular readers come here via various searches. I have the stats to prove it and thanks to my penchant to dropping popular culture references from time to time we have lured the likes of […]

The stalker


In tribute to an old friend returning to Hanoi, I’ll post the below flash-fiction story which is actually more accurately described as a flash-non-fiction piece as it’s pretty much a highly exaggerated and slightly embellished “true” account of how he ended up stalking his own stalker when he was living here back in 2004-5. None […]

The Wall


The mural that runs along the Dike Road (Tran Nhat Duat, Yen Phu, Nghi Tam, Au Co…) has been a controversial topic of late. You would have thought that anything would have won the love of the people considering the previous incarnation – a drab, unlovely, grey façade – but it seems plenty of folk are […]

It’s been a quiet week for Hatted Comicality but what are you going do about it? Sometimes things are oh-too-serious, if not, dare I say it, a tad dull. Thankfully as the week draws to a close photoman Julian Wainwright nips in with some downright fascinating shots taken at a recent wedding fashion show held […]

I like this as an excuse — “Diluted drink story saves Hanoi nightclub manager” — but I bet all the punters who spent two to three trillion ding-dong on bottles of Chivas Regal or Hennessey back in New Century’s prime aren’t so impressed. The former club owner might counter with the argument that the complimentary […]

Let’s go art house baby… …there’s a new Vietnamese “phim” called Chơi Vơi (Adrift) — nope, it’s not a Dead Calm kinda film if you’re picturing a young couple float away into the big blue open sea on a Halong junk (“Curse these cheap Sinh cafe tours!”) before innocently picking up Billy Zane, blithely unawares […]

Thanh Nien’s English language daily is to become a weekly — the metamorphosis  occurs Friday, September 4. Full Reuters story here. “Thanh Nien’s weekly edition will be 40 pages, supplemented by daily updates to an English-language website…” So for English language dailies that leaves us with you-know-who (kẻ mà ai cũng biết là ai đây) […]

Vietnamese food is so hot right now — it’s sizzling hot, like banh xeo sizzling hot. The latest chef-food-cookery-show-man to show some hot love for the local cuisine is Rick Stein. Now he might not be the glamorous tearaway Antony Bourdain is but goddamnit he’s allowed to eat in Vietnam, too — and he probably […]

The Comical Hat and everyone else’s favourite diminutive dj, Jase has a cool website promoting The Beats — a “col­lec­tive of DJs / Pro­mot­ers / Design­ers formed to bring urban and bass heavy music to Saigon, Vietnam” — but also posting lots of vids, photos, tunes, et cetera. Well worth checking out despite the flagrant […]