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Necrophilia we know – but pseudo-necrophilia? Where’s Sigmund Freud when you need to be laid across a chaise longue and have such complicated matters of the heart and mind explained to you. He — Sigmund — might be able to get to the bottom of the curious tale regarding Le Van, the 55-year old farmer, […]

Let’s go art house baby… …there’s a new Vietnamese “phim” called Chơi Vơi (Adrift) — nope, it’s not a Dead Calm kinda film if you’re picturing a young couple float away into the big blue open sea on a Halong junk (“Curse these cheap Sinh cafe tours!”) before innocently picking up Billy Zane, blithely unawares […]

A wee reminder before you all head off your national holiday peregrinations to be back in Hanoi on September 11 as the good people of C.A.M.A. introduce the Handsome Furs to Hanoi — and also I do believe the good news for our dear readers from Sunny side up Saigon is the Canadian duo also […]

Vietnamese food is so hot right now — it’s sizzling hot, like banh xeo sizzling hot. The latest chef-food-cookery-show-man to show some hot love for the local cuisine is Rick Stein. Now he might not be the glamorous tearaway Antony Bourdain is but goddamnit he’s allowed to eat in Vietnam, too — and he probably […]

Football gossip


Well, I don’t know if “football crazy” Vietnam has the energy to go through the wringer with this one, but, here we go… According to this post at, and the Mail Online, football veterans Ruud van Horseface and Guti of Real Madrid are transfer targets for T&T Hanoi. Apparently “Spaniard Guti, 32, and Dutch international […]

“Mr Yamaha of the Co Tu Hill Tribe and the incredible story of the shrinking world” — that’s the name of my forthcoming debut novel (I’m scrapping plans to continue “Love in the Time of A/H1N1” after being accused of gross insensitivity by Mrs. Appleby, an avid reader and tenacious twitterer from Tea Tree Gully […]

“Influenza A (H1N1) patients under treatment at the National Institute of Infectious and Tropical Diseases in Hanoi can freely go out to buy a movie CD, to cafés or Internet shops … “It was funny. They were wearing medical masks in the shop and the shop owner asked them not to be too worried as […]

The banning of dancing at karaoke bars was mooted last month — due to the associated vices rather than the deed itself, like, and it’s still on the table according to this article though in the words of Spock it does seem most illogical. But who’s with me here in thinking this sounds vaguely familiar, […]

Anthony Bourdain, who absolutely insists that there’s No Reservations, except when his producers phone ahead — miaoww! — was filming the food scene down in Sunny-side up Saigon last October. The ‘Vietnam’ episode of his show was on telly in the US earlier this week.  No webclip for now but lots of photos on his […]

Meet the most miserable Tây ba lô (backpacker) in the history of the Vietnamese tourism industry EVER. He outlines why he hates Vietnam with this short and snappy seven hundred paragraph-long-rant. You know, the first rule of blogging is why stop writing when you don’t have to? (Second rule is there are no more rules). […]