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The stalker


In tribute to an old friend returning to Hanoi, I’ll post the below flash-fiction story which is actually more accurately described as a flash-non-fiction piece as it’s pretty much a highly exaggerated and slightly embellished “true” account of how he ended up stalking his own stalker when he was living here back in 2004-5. None […]

The online newspaper Dan Tri (translated by Vietnamnet) recently featured a story on Pattaya, a group of five transsexuals who perform fashion shows at a café in Hanoi’s Hai Ba Trung district. The report claims that while transsexuals are no longer “uncommon in Ho Chi Minh City” this is a bit more of a sensation […]

A wee reminder before you all head off your national holiday peregrinations to be back in Hanoi on September 11 as the good people of C.A.M.A. introduce the Handsome Furs to Hanoi — and also I do believe the good news for our dear readers from Sunny side up Saigon is the Canadian duo also […]

“Influenza A (H1N1) patients under treatment at the National Institute of Infectious and Tropical Diseases in Hanoi can freely go out to buy a movie CD, to cafés or Internet shops … “It was funny. They were wearing medical masks in the shop and the shop owner asked them not to be too worried as […]

If you hadn’t heard, Girl Talk is coming to Hanoi for a gig on August 15th and if you’re scheduled to be out of town, you should probably rethink your travel plans. Even if mash-up… sorry, plunder-phonic is not your cup of tea, the man is a performer, despite the fact he’s only armed with […]

Now while child labour is certainly no laughing matter, I liked this headline: Children over 10 to provide labor information – more details here – if only for the image of some poor shoe shine urchin struggling to fill in his tax documents at the end of the fiscal year. This “geezer” Killa Kela is […]

Mid-week muddle


And this news just in — dangerous driving linked to high number of traffic accidents in Vietnam. Yes, hallelujah, finally the transport experts, idling intellectuals, philosophers, philanthropists and physicists and chaos theorists have all gathered together to nut this one out — “Come on Boffins! Let’s get to the bottom of this! Why are there so […]