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Yes she can


The Comical Hat laughed out loud — that’s right we lol’d so we did — when we saw Tina Fey as Sarah Palin on Saturday Night Live, now in its 33rd season.  In this clip she repeats Palin’s actual statement not quite verbatim but not far off. The actual interview is spliced in as well […]

The REAL Hanoi


Spotted over at Hanoi Grapevine — there’s a BBC programme called The Real… [Insert City name] and episode two is on Hanoi and according to the Grapevine it’ll be screened on “Sat 20 Sept 21:30, Sun 21 Sept at 15:30, Mon 22 Sept at 00:30”. Basic premise is three locals — an artist, a director […]

More Aliens? Yes, they’re beaming in from outer space, from places like Planet Africa and the Galaxy of China, to live financially rewarding and fruitful lives as homeless people — as well as monks if you remember –- in VN. “Without adequate regulations, Vietnam could become a destination for homeless people from other countries…” revealed one dept. of immigration […]

“My, my Martha, that hat is close to spectacular,”‘ said Myrtle, but really she was thinking, “heaven knows what Reverent Lovejoy will make of that ridiculous looking creation.” Now I can’t say you’d notice a difference and we can only dream that it might ease the traffic, but the flagging economy means people are getting […]

You heard it here first: Sometimes we’re not comical, sometimes we’re just bringing you the scoop of the day. It has been announced that the Brazilian football team will play Vietnam at My Dinh Stadium in August. “The announcement of the match comes just weeks after Vietnamese President Nguyen Minh Triet urged visiting Brazilian President […]

Arriving early for the interview with her new hat from Japan, Nikita was a shoe-in for the job How I was left flustered and flushed by the fanciful hi-tech toilets of Japan, by Teddy de Burca Jnr. Some of you may have been unfortunate enough to have battled through the backwaters of developing countries with […]

Phu Quoc STILL undiscovered? Not quite my friends. Of course it was I, Sir Edward de Burca II that first discovered it after myself and my travelling companion Count Pierre de Parfumerie lost our way on the high seas from Siam to Cochinchina. Back in 1925 if memory serves. Before all you other expats came […]

“Donning the hat changed his life in an instant, no longer would he be known as The Cat with the Ostentatious Red Dickie-Bow” Bumper to bumper: The car driver blamed the car driver who blamed the other car driver who blamed the motorcyclist who had run back to a province far, far, far away — […]

And when he put it on, everyone laughed because it was a comical hat… Bits and pieces for those who like to read papers and stuff… Say goodbye to your little friends — vendors swept up in Hanoi. The article misses the real story — the bia hoi getting shoved off the street. Now you, […]