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Sifting through the old MOA archives I found the results to a beard survey we made back in 2005. As you can see not many people were actually surveyed, but still, the results are telling… Beard Poll Best Beards — Real people living or dead:  Fidel Castro (3), Ho Chi Minh (2), Rasputin (2), ZZ […]

A highly entertaining story from the Snooze about the spread of mischievous monkeys in Hanoi. That’s right. Misplaced your bike/car keys recently? Actually, my friend, better check that your bike/ car’s outside as a monkey could be hooning around town on your wheels RIGHT NOW. Also, noticed that your alphabetised bookshelves are in disarray with […]

Mid-week muddle


And this news just in — dangerous driving linked to high number of traffic accidents in Vietnam. Yes, hallelujah, finally the transport experts, idling intellectuals, philosophers, philanthropists and physicists and chaos theorists have all gathered together to nut this one out — “Come on Boffins! Let’s get to the bottom of this! Why are there so […]

Well The NYC Philharmonic has gone and announced that “the” Platoon tune will be performed in Hanoi at the Opera House concert in October. Plenty of time so for arrangements to be…  um… arranged and get William Defoe and Charlie Sheen on board for a complete reenactment of Oliver Stone’s emotional crescendo in which our […]

The banning of dancing at karaoke bars was mooted last month — due to the associated vices rather than the deed itself, like, and it’s still on the table according to this article though in the words of Spock it does seem most illogical. But who’s with me here in thinking this sounds vaguely familiar, […]

Reading the recent story about the “growing hair trade” on Vietnamnet reminded us that there’s a ghost story doing the rounds…. but first the preamble: there’s lots and lots of long, black hair in Vietnam, and it’s famous for it’s long-ness, blackness as well as lustrous beauty, so much so that people with less long […]

Someone suggested that we need a mayor of Tay-town and we’re definitely buzzing with excitement over the idea here at the Comical Hat HQ. We urge you to vote for our very own Teddy de Burca Jnr — at your service  — and we will deliver what we know you need as well as help […]