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The Comical Hat’s trusted associate Aidan B. Dockery picked up first prize in the 2009 Asian GAA Photo Competition (* this link might be khong duoc — but the winning pic is below so just take my word for it… he won!), (Poor old Josh always shuts his eyes for the glam shots), (And for […]

Great expectorations: This old fella in the Mekong Delta is considered to be a healer. What’s his trick? He gobs on your ailing body. Do you believe this? Possibly-probably-definitely not — but plenty of people do. There have on some days reportedly been 2,500 – 3,000 people queuing up to be gobbed on. Photo re-up: […]

A great day for music in Hanoi with special guests The Dorques, I am David Sparkle, Quan (of Regurgiator fame), Goo, Minuit and James Harries  coming to town from all around Southeast Asia and beyond…   Some pics here by Aidan B. Dockery and no prizes for spotting “dancer of the day”

For all our talk we don’t actually get to show you much hatted comicality, so with some relish, and thanks to one of our most dedicated readers, we’d like to introduce you to Jon Lawrence, an Australian collector of hats that are extraordinary, comical and of historical interest. He has “5153, plus or minus 30” […]

“Xin cám ơn,“ says the writing on the wall. “No YOU Xin cám ơn!” says me. Definitely a first, this added facility in a Ba Dinh district bia hoi has a cubicle with its own trough — as you can see — specifically for ejecting a stomach full of bia and nem chua into. It’s […]