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A wee reminder before you all head off your national holiday peregrinations to be back in Hanoi on September 11 as the good people of C.A.M.A. introduce the Handsome Furs to Hanoi — and also I do believe the good news for our dear readers from Sunny side up Saigon is the Canadian duo also […]

The Comical Hat and everyone else’s favourite diminutive dj, Jase has a cool website promoting The Beats — a “col­lec­tive of DJs / Pro­mot­ers / Design­ers formed to bring urban and bass heavy music to Saigon, Vietnam” — but also posting lots of vids, photos, tunes, et cetera. Well worth checking out despite the flagrant […]

If you hadn’t heard, Girl Talk is coming to Hanoi for a gig on August 15th and if you’re scheduled to be out of town, you should probably rethink your travel plans. Even if mash-up… sorry, plunder-phonic is not your cup of tea, the man is a performer, despite the fact he’s only armed with […]

Keep your hair on — we’re back in the saddle and we’ve arranged for there to be no more rain and much hatted hilarity for the rest of July. And apropos of nothing at all, you might remember how in a previous life some of The Comical Hat’s beleaguered staffers had it in for Crocs, […]

We’re showing some brotherly love for C.A.M.A. who have persuaded Ratatat to come to Hanoi next week — for the unacquainted or unconvinced here’s an article that Teddy’s first cousin Frank Patterson penned for timeout  last week…  The Brooklyn-duo Ratatat are one of the most exciting music acts to ever come to Vietnam, so don’t miss their upcoming live shows in […]