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Necrophilia we know – but pseudo-necrophilia? Where’s Sigmund Freud when you need to be laid across a chaise longue and have such complicated matters of the heart and mind explained to you. He — Sigmund — might be able to get to the bottom of the curious tale regarding Le Van, the 55-year old farmer, […]

There I was twittering away this morning when I stumbled on an ode to Vietnam’s prized noodle soup pho (fuh) by a teenager named Pho (pho^) over at the ultra-prolific VietnamTweets (also blogging here). Sounds cute enough but it’s actually an ode to himself and his sexual prowess. You see Pho is a rapper from […]

The Wall


The mural that runs along the Dike Road (Tran Nhat Duat, Yen Phu, Nghi Tam, Au Co…) has been a controversial topic of late. You would have thought that anything would have won the love of the people considering the previous incarnation – a drab, unlovely, grey façade – but it seems plenty of folk are […]

It’s been a quiet week for Hatted Comicality but what are you going do about it? Sometimes things are oh-too-serious, if not, dare I say it, a tad dull. Thankfully as the week draws to a close photoman Julian Wainwright nips in with some downright fascinating shots taken at a recent wedding fashion show held […]

Bits and bobs


Did Tiger-Heineken a.k.a. Asia-Pacific Breweries Ltd. really contemplate making bia hoi back in the 1990s? Previously mentioned here, the art house Vietnamese phim “Choi Voi” won an award at Venice Film Festival — the international film critic association’s choice no less. The director is interviewed here — poor fella could hardly afford to be there […]

I like this as an excuse — “Diluted drink story saves Hanoi nightclub manager” — but I bet all the punters who spent two to three trillion ding-dong on bottles of Chivas Regal or Hennessey back in New Century’s prime aren’t so impressed. The former club owner might counter with the argument that the complimentary […]

THAC DA, Vietnam — On the obstacle course at the seventh annual Minsk Olympics here in northern Vietnam, Richard Rastall twisted the throttle on his Soviet-era Minsk motorcycle and gingerly accelerated up a four-foot grass embankment. The bike lurched. Its speedometer fell off. “It goes with the territory, I suppose,” said Mr. Rastall, a 30-year-old […]