Beauty and the bachelorettes

  • In case you hadn’t noticed Vietnam has a wee obsession with beauty pageants, and beauty in general I suppose, which makes the fact that Vietnamese women keep on getting snubbed by the adjudicating boards of international beauty pageants all the more distressing (for some). Every time a ‘beauty queen’ returns defeated and tiara-less from Ms World or Ms Universe there is a sincere bout of soul searching and spate of finger pointing. The latest to fail against the rest of the world is Vo Hoang Yen inspiring the headline with a complimentary question mark: No prize means failure for Vietnamese beauty?

Vo Hoang Yen in more carefree days before her beauty “failed” her and her country

Meanwhile elsewhere…

  • Of course, we don’t encourage such discriminatory behaviour regarding beauty at such pageants, but it’s okay to accept The Word Magazine’s invitation to choose your favourite bachelor and bachelorette from Sunny Saigon from a selection of 15  boys and girls,  ‘cos you know, it’s not all about the looks you shallow rotters. That’s why there’s also a Q&A with everyone. Some more than amusing answers too: “ QDo locals approach you? AThe men do more so than the women. One time when I stopped at a red light, a local guy pulled up next to me. I thought nothing of it at first because being a black man in Saigon you get stared at all the time. Then he pointed at me and started flexing as to tell me I had big muscles. He then proceeded to feel me up at the light. It was mildly uncomfortable.” We definitely empathise with this though sadly its less to do with muscles and more to do with a fleece or two of arm-hair (check out second post down over here, if you you want to know more about that personal affliction).
  • Apparently, there’s a clampdown on underage drivers in Hanoi: “A policeman, said that many students wore a coat over their uniforms…” It’s been a bad week for teenagers. First banned from being jockeys now this.

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