Wall Street Journal hearts the Minsk


THAC DA, Vietnam — On the obstacle course at the seventh annual Minsk Olympics here in northern Vietnam, Richard Rastall twisted the throttle on his Soviet-era Minsk motorcycle and gingerly accelerated up a four-foot grass embankment. The bike lurched. Its speedometer fell off.

“It goes with the territory, I suppose,” said Mr. Rastall, a 30-year-old Englishman who lives in Hanoi, fishing in his pockets for duct tape. “But you’ve got to love these bikes, really.”

Full article here penned by James Hookway and make sure you check out the slide-show with pix by Justin Mott and if you want to rant about smoke, fumes, heinous carbon footprints, etc. the WSJ article has a comments section. For the record The Comical Hat editorial board walks to work on a solar panelled powered magic carpet made from recycled Persian thread.


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