Three quick things…


1. The Irish Times of all papers had a story on Muslims in Vietnam.

The migration of Islam has many forms in southeast Asia. Chinese Muslims, converted by Arab traders, brought the faith overland from Yunnan province into Laos and Burma. Second waves came with southern Asians serving as colonial administrators, while north African soldiers in the French colonial army prayed at mosques in Hanoi and Saigon up to the country’s independence. Islam may be making a comeback of sorts in Vietnam: Chau Doc’s Muslims may be marginalised, but they’re also thriving on the curiosity, and help, of foreigners. Read the whole shebang here.

2. And… the Pattaya girls I mentioned the other day are no longer performing — probably nothing to do with artistic differences or solo careers.

3. And also in case you though otherwise find out why Hans Solo was no General Giap (Thanks to Mr. Cinnamons for passing on the link).

PS — Is this what they call a slow day for hatted comicality?


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