Chơi Vơi (Adrift)


Let’s go art house baby…

…there’s a new Vietnamese “phim” called Chơi Vơi (Adrift) — nope, it’s not a Dead Calm kinda film if you’re picturing a young couple float away into the big blue open sea on a Halong junk (“Curse these cheap Sinh cafe tours!”) before innocently picking up Billy Zane, blithely unawares that he’s actually homicidal maniac scouring the South China Sea searching for unsuspecting victims. It’s directed by Bui Thac Chuyen and it’s most definitely going for “sensual, intimate and atmospheric” — no surprises there as it’s an arthouse film set in Vietnam — but it’s also taken on some controversial subject matter with a story centred around a newlywed couple who have what you might call a sexual awakening (Read lesbian desire and marital infidelity). Anyway, looks promising judging by the trailer below.

In case you’re interested it stars Do Thi Hai Yen of Quiet American fame, Jonny Tri Nguyen of The Rebel and Linh-Dan Pham of The Beat That My Heart Skipped. Local Hanoians might also spot one of the lead singers of Đại- Lâm- Linh  (check those guys out on youtube) if you haven’t before), (she also owns Cong Ca phe so you might also recognise her from there…) towards the end of the trailer. And fair play to her says us.


2 Responses to “Chơi Vơi (Adrift)”

  1. Looks like an awesome movie – am drawn by the trailer. Good stuff! Now, where in Singapore will this be shown?

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