The Pattaya fashion show


The online newspaper Dan Tri (translated by Vietnamnet) recently featured a story on Pattaya, a group of five transsexuals who perform fashion shows at a café in Hanoi’s Hai Ba Trung district.

The report claims that while transsexuals are no longer “uncommon in Ho Chi Minh City” this is a bit more of a sensation in the capital city.

The shows, which take place twice a week, have apparently attracted a lot of “curious, mainly male, customers” and when Pattaya hit the stage it’s often “standing room only”, according to the café’s staff.

Before performances the MC comes clean announcing that the girls have “had to experience many plastic surgeries so that their bodies look as they do today”. To maintain their appearance the MC adds they have to return to Thailand annually for “maintenance”.

In case you were wondering the group chose the name “Pattaya” in a tribute to the popular holiday destination in Thailand where they “found themselves”. For those of you who don’t know, there are certain parts of Pattaya where most tourists don’t come armed with their bucket and spade and an unputdownable-novel.


2 Responses to “The Pattaya fashion show”

  1. And in a not even remotely unsurprising follow up, my sources tell me the cafe hosting the shows has now been shut down, apparently for not having the correct entertainment license.

  2. Ah that’ll be the Tranny-Show License I expect — lot of paperwork for that!

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