Hungry for Vietnam: Rick Stein’s show


Vietnamese food is so hot right now — it’s sizzling hot, like banh xeo sizzling hot. The latest chef-food-cookery-show-man to show some hot love for the local cuisine is Rick Stein.

Now he might not be the glamorous tearaway Antony Bourdain is but goddamnit he’s allowed to eat in Vietnam, too — and he probably won’t pretend he loves it so much that he’s going to live in Hoi An like Mr. Bourdain likes to maintain (though I haven’t watched the full episode of his show, so if Rick does claim he wants to move to *** ***  to hang out with Gene Wilder, I’ll take that back right away).

Anyway, here’s part one of his show in Vietnam– and part three below, just because The Gastronomer of gas•tron•o•my is featured two minutes in and she’s prettier than old Slick Rick. Click on through to youtube to find the rest of the episode but don’t torture yourself on an empty stomach.


2 Responses to “Hungry for Vietnam: Rick Stein’s show”

  1. Thanks for the shout-out, Mr. Teddy 😉

  2. Nae bother — the show was great, funny to think it must have been done aaaages ago. Hope it gets you lots of traffic.

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