Best beards ever


Sifting through the old MOA archives I found the results to a beard survey we made back in 2005. As you can see not many people were actually surveyed, but still, the results are telling…

Beard Poll
Best Beards -- Real people living or dead:
 Fidel Castro (3), Ho Chi Minh (2), Rasputin (2), ZZ Top duo  (3),
George Bernard Shaw, Jim Morrison (Exceedingly drunk phase),
Sean Connery, Brian Blessed, Keanu Reeves... (1)
Imaginary, fictitious people:
Santa Claus (2), Captain Haddock (2), Zeus (2), Ming the
Merciless (1), Pai Mei (from Kill Bill) (1), Captain Ahab (1),
Stringy old wise man beards from Chinese kung fu films (1).


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