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Let’s go art house baby… …there’s a new Vietnamese “phim” called Chơi Vơi (Adrift) — nope, it’s not a Dead Calm kinda film if you’re picturing a young couple float away into the big blue open sea on a Halong junk (“Curse these cheap Sinh cafe tours!”) before innocently picking up Billy Zane, blithely unawares […]

The online newspaper Dan Tri (translated by Vietnamnet) recently featured a story on Pattaya, a group of five transsexuals who perform fashion shows at a café in Hanoi’s Hai Ba Trung district. The report claims that while transsexuals are no longer “uncommon in Ho Chi Minh City” this is a bit more of a sensation […]

The Comical Hat’s trusted associate Aidan B. Dockery picked up first prize in the 2009 Asian GAA Photo Competition (* this link might be khong duoc — but the winning pic is below so just take my word for it… he won!), (Poor old Josh always shuts his eyes for the glam shots), (And for […]

A wee reminder before you all head off your national holiday peregrinations to be back in Hanoi on September 11 as the good people of C.A.M.A. introduce the Handsome Furs to Hanoi — and also I do believe the good news for our dear readers from Sunny side up Saigon is the Canadian duo also […]

Thanh Nien’s English language daily is to become a weekly — the metamorphosis  occurs Friday, September 4. Full Reuters story here. “Thanh Nien’s weekly edition will be 40 pages, supplemented by daily updates to an English-language website…” So for English language dailies that leaves us with you-know-who (kẻ mà ai cũng biết là ai đây) […]

Vietnamese food is so hot right now — it’s sizzling hot, like banh xeo sizzling hot. The latest chef-food-cookery-show-man to show some hot love for the local cuisine is Rick Stein. Now he might not be the glamorous tearaway Antony Bourdain is but goddamnit he’s allowed to eat in Vietnam, too — and he probably […]

The Comical Hat and everyone else’s favourite diminutive dj, Jase has a cool website promoting The Beats — a “col­lec­tive of DJs / Pro­mot­ers / Design­ers formed to bring urban and bass heavy music to Saigon, Vietnam” — but also posting lots of vids, photos, tunes, et cetera. Well worth checking out despite the flagrant […]



Pop the Russian Champagne, put on your red shoes and dance the blues… LET’s DANCE! Yes, it looks like it’s safe to do the tango at your local karaoke bar again – My problem is that I can’t sing and dance simultaneously – it’s infuriating, I tells ya, like trying to pat your head and […]

Football gossip


Well, I don’t know if “football crazy” Vietnam has the energy to go through the wringer with this one, but, here we go… According to this post at, and the Mail Online, football veterans Ruud van Horseface and Guti of Real Madrid are transfer targets for T&T Hanoi. Apparently “Spaniard Guti, 32, and Dutch international […]

Oh, the dizzying heights, the terrifying lows and the creamy middles of blogging — one minute we think nobody loves us, the next The Comical Hat’s main honcho Teddy de Burca Jnr. is being interviewed by Asia LIFE magazine from Sunny-side-up Saigon and sure we must be the talk of the town in the offline […]