The Moa page


You may or may not have noticed the MOA tab up on your right — if you haven’t yet please click on it to to discover the story behind the tab and how MOA — a paperless, websiteless non-published publication — never really existed. You might know that a moa is a large extinct and flightless bird that was eaten up by hungry Maoris (Sweet bro!) or you might know of Moa the tasty beverage from NZ — the only beer to be fermented in the bottle “like French champagne” (Also sweet bro!) — but to me MOA will always be something else — an ethereal beauty too delicate for this world (I’m getting emotional here). You might also point out the following irony: by posting MOA articles and drawings on the Comical Hat I’m betraying the fact that it is supposedly a) not in existence and b) websiteless and non-published but I’ll argue that this is a retrospective of sorts.

Anyway, every so often I’ll be posting up the bits of writing (written by myself or Elliott of Upstairsforthinking) from MOA in no particular order along with some illustrations by Oslo Davis made EXCLUSIVELY for MOA — like this one below… — on the EXCLUSIVE MOA page. Enjoy, dislike or ignore. The choice is entirely yours.



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  1. Thank you,
    very interesting article

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