Back in the saddle


Keep your hair on — we’re back in the saddle and we’ve arranged for there to be no more rain and much hatted hilarity for the rest of July.

And apropos of nothing at all, you might remember how in a previous life some of The Comical Hat’s beleaguered staffers had it in for Crocs, the indestructible plastic perforated clog that threatened to take over the world…

But, alas, according to the Guardian…

“So people are already lining up to dance on the limp, not-yet-cold corpse of the once mighty Croc. The shoe that, for a time, strode around the world is dying on its feet, with the Colorado-based company losing $185m and cutting 2,000 jobs.”

Yes, the Crocs’ days are seemingly numbered. So will this inspire feelings of schadenfreude for us? Why, we’d never stoop so low you insensitive brutes and of course the fact that the bona fide factory may stop churning them out doesn’t mean the ersatz-Croc producers are likely to stop. Plus, they are indestructible —  which is perhaps the very trait that led to Croc Inc.’s demise. Oh the irony — so if you’re looking for consolation your pair, or pairs, will probably last forever.

Also, while I have you, here’s a website for the Masses — C.A.M.A.’s new online HQ. The good news is that C.A.M.A.’s fondness for hirsute North American music-makers continues… Girl Talk of America will play Hanoi next month and Handsome Furs of Canada will play in September. Here’s the former performing with gusto at Roskilde last year. Check out the C.A.M.A. site for more links…

“Front row! You’re holding your ears! What’s wrong with you?

Where you at? Where you at?”


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