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Now while child labour is certainly no laughing matter, I liked this headline: Children over 10 to provide labor information – more details here – if only for the image of some poor shoe shine urchin struggling to fill in his tax documents at the end of the fiscal year. This “geezer” Killa Kela is […]

A highly entertaining story from the Snooze about the spread of mischievous monkeys in Hanoi. That’s right. Misplaced your bike/car keys recently? Actually, my friend, better check that your bike/ car’s outside as a monkey could be hooning around town on your wheels RIGHT NOW. Also, noticed that your alphabetised bookshelves are in disarray with […]

The Moa page


You may or may not have noticed the MOA tab up on your right — if you haven’t yet please click on it to to discover the story behind the tab and how MOA — a paperless, websiteless non-published publication — never really existed. You might know that a moa is a large extinct and […]

Keep your hair on — we’re back in the saddle and we’ve arranged for there to be no more rain and much hatted hilarity for the rest of July. And apropos of nothing at all, you might remember how in a previous life some of The Comical Hat’s beleaguered staffers had it in for Crocs, […]

We’re not under construction. We’re not retiring or sulking or questioning whether we’re really cut out for this blogging milarkey. We’re just taking a summer sabbatical and as ever in our absence we urge you to embrace the offline world as well.  Go on — get out there, you big nerd you, get out there […]