Rice and eggs


Rice: I’ve been reliably informed that in Huong Toan commune in Thua Thien – Hue province there’s an archaic law for overdoing it in the procreation department. If you have more than two kids you’re fined a certain amount of rice rather than cash. The law originally stated a minimum punishment of 300 kilos for every superfluous child but 15 years ago that was increased to 500 kilos. But apparently the local population are still popping sprogs with wild abandon. Between 2007 – 2008, the commune witnessed more than 100 “violations” cases (perhaps these rice farmers have lots of rice?). One local farmer has been punished with a few thousand kilos but vows to continue to defy the law until he has a son. He has been saddled with six hopelessly female daughters who cannot maintain the family surname, or farm, when he’s gone.

Eggs: Fake eggs on the market? Well, no — just weird eggs with “pinkish egg whites and dark red yolks”. Apparently you can’t make a fake egg or at least it’s quite difficult because  eggs are a “sophisticated natural product”. Back to the drawing board boys — I knew we should have just put all our resources into figuring out how to make counterfeit cash. The egg market is just too hard to crack —  BOOM-BOOM!

And just ‘cos I mentioned eggs, here’s Cool Hand Luke…


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