And we’re off…

Monday morning and we’ve had a browse of the online papers for want of something better to do and so once again you don’t have to, and we spotted three stories of note…
  1. “Many single, professional men in Ho Chi Minh City want a comely, sympathetic female companion at the weekend” — An article here about paid escorts in TPHCM, who date for cash. Not high-class seductive temptresses, but more ordinary gals who might work in a factory during the day. ‘Tis all above aboard, says one “comely maiden” interviewed, who gets VND300,000-500,000 for a date.
  2. Speaking of comely maidens, those saucy mannequins you see around town will have to cover up or be shunted inside the shop under new regulations concerning “that kinda thing”. “No one wears underwear in public places,” said somebody somewhere sometime ago. So indeed why should those expressionless plastic hussies get away with it!
  3. Speaking of covering up, the real-thing will also have to show a little less flesh. That’s right human beings, especially female ones parading themselves at fashion shows. Under a fantastic headline, “Sexy Clothing Regulated by Law” it’s reported that “lingerie, clothes and jewelry which have sexually-arousing images will be banned from introduction on big stages…” (Jewellery?) As usual with this “kinda thing” the regulations are steeped in a pot of ambiguity before being penned with phrases like  “unsuitable to Vietnamese customs and habits.”

And elsewhere, Girl + Machine on AsiaLIFE,  Denilson shoots, he scores, and a new website (at least to us) VietNews — Eyes on Vietnam, and a Quán cafe của người Việt ở Mỹ where the concept is Hooters meets Trung Nguyen. That’s all for now folks. Move along when you’re ready.


5 Responses to “And we’re off…”

  1. So no more naked mannequins over on Cua Nam?

  2. 4 henno

    Guess I’ll have to stop wearing my ancient Polynesian virility necklace and in public…

  3. 5 Teddy

    Henno you agent provocateur you! Put it away for God’s sake — think of the children!

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