Too hot, too hat lay-deeeee


Slap on the Coolio CD ‘cos it’s too hot, too hot, lay-deeee! — or if you’d rather the Kool and the Gang version it’s pasted below. But really, truly, it’s hot, and I couldn’t be bothered writing half a paragraph so all you’re getting is links today kids… 

  1. Here’s some proof that it’s hot— so hot you could fry an egg on your pillion seat, if you had an egg that is… 
  2. Here’s more proof that it’s hot, which when coupled with a power cut is an absolute nightmare for young babies, geriatrics and large pasty Paddies — I like the woman climbing a tree in the hope of catching a flicker of a breeze… if she served blended lemon juice I’d join her.  
  3. Here’s some speculation on Denilson and whether he might be a very expensive lemon.  If the Haiphong fans get their hands on him he might be a blended lemon juice sometime very soon. 

Take it away JT… 


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