Start of the week…


So after all that palaver — sorry! — Denilson didn’t even play and the fans went wild with rage so they did. Apparently he’s possibly out for a month too, which when you consider he’s here on a three-month deal might lead you to suspect that he is — as they say in that quaint Cockney vernacular in old London town — having a bubble bath mate! 

In other news… — and speaking of bubble baths —

  1. Hanoi is to become smoke free by 2010!
  2. Somebody told this Australian travel writer Chao da means hello in Vietnamese and he wonders why one old woman didn’t say hello back. 
  3. Check out these fellas with no helmets…  

That’s all for now my lovelies.


5 Responses to “Start of the week…”

  1. 1 deepwarren

    smoke-free! are they mad! is the entire city giving up simultaneously? that could be a very dangerous place to be for about a month, and hell on all those smoking hliday foreigners.. not to mention the ex-pats!

  2. It worked in Gay Paris and Rome, hell, it even worked in Istanbul, but taking on Hanoi seems like a gigantic bridge in a galaxy far too far away…

    I like the sound of these tourists coming on a “Smoking holiday”… you should market this in Paris and Istanbul: A one week smoking tour through VN…

  3. not sure how you respond to a “tweet”, but this is in response to the st louis du haha reference on the top right.

    my best mate got into a nasty car wreck there, on his moving out to halifax from montreal. car chet roi, but all people fine. so i drove out 7hrs to pick him up, and had a very fine poutine and burger in st louis du haha before packing all his bags, trunks etc into my car and heading east to halifax.

    true story. haha.

  4. maybe she thought he was saying hello to the ice?

  5. Jules– I presume the burger + poutine were served enthusiastically, too.

    I’d like to see a town just called Ah, ha!

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