“Platoon reenactment” for NYC Philharmonic?


Well The NYC Philharmonic has gone and announced that “the” Platoon tune will be performed in Hanoi at the Opera House concert in October. Plenty of time so for arrangements to be…  um… arranged and get William Defoe and Charlie Sheen on board for a complete reenactment of Oliver Stone’s emotional crescendo in which our sensitive quasi-hero Chris (Sheen) sits in a chopper departing a battlefield while watching Sgt. Elias (Defoe) get mowed down by a thousand or so bullets. The NYC Philharmonic’s “music director-designate” claims the song has been chosen for completely artistic reasons but we think he should man-up and admit that part of him — along with the rest of us — died that day we saw Elias betrayed by the evil Sgt. Barnes (Tom Berenger) while listening to Samuel Barber’s “Adagio for Strings“.

Charlie Sheen was a shadow of his former self after that. With his ringside seat, William Defoe’s utterly convincing acting method for pretending to die and Stone’s stylish camera work and post production editing techniques who wouldn’t be? And judging by his appearances in films Hot Shots and Scary Movies IV not to mention his various addictions to alcohol, narcotics, prescription pills and hookers over the years, he arguably never recovered.

But then he’s no Emilio Estevez. Never was, never will be.


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