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Rice and eggs


Rice: I’ve been reliably informed that in Huong Toan commune in Thua Thien – Hue province there’s an archaic law for overdoing it in the procreation department. If you have more than two kids you’re fined a certain amount of rice rather than cash. The law originally stated a minimum punishment of 300 kilos for every […]

Well, I for one, must hold up my hands and say I wasted a lot of time, energy and emotion over this Denilson character, and so therefore, unfortunately I carried you, dear reader, with me and yes, didn’t I feel very silly waking up this morning to discover he’s skedaddled — exit stage left! — citing his […]

Monday morning and we’ve had a browse of the online papers for want of something better to do and so once again you don’t have to, and we spotted three stories of note… “Many single, professional men in Ho Chi Minh City want a comely, sympathetic female companion at the weekend” — An article here […]

Mid-week muddle


And this news just in — dangerous driving linked to high number of traffic accidents in Vietnam. Yes, hallelujah, finally the transport experts, idling intellectuals, philosophers, philanthropists and physicists and chaos theorists have all gathered together to nut this one out — “Come on Boffins! Let’s get to the bottom of this! Why are there so […]

Great expectorations: This old fella in the Mekong Delta is considered to be a healer. What’s his trick? He gobs on your ailing body. Do you believe this? Possibly-probably-definitely not — but plenty of people do. There have on some days reportedly been 2,500 – 3,000 people queuing up to be gobbed on. Photo re-up: […]

One of the classic Harp ads from the 1980s where a hot, sweaty Paddy-abroad  reminisces of home – “Friends coming into the pub, Sally O’Brien and the way she might look at you” – and curses the unholy heat – “So hot you could fry an egg, if you had an egg…. ” and dreams of a pint of Harp […]

Slap on the Coolio CD — ‘cos it’s too hot, too hot, lay-deeee! — or if you’d rather the Kool and the Gang version it’s pasted below. But really, truly, it’s hot, and I couldn’t be bothered writing half a paragraph so all you’re getting is links today kids…  Here’s some proof that it’s hot— […]