Monday morning lift off…



  • If I were to form a fab-four tribute band in Vietnam, I would christen it The Betel Nuts… that would be clever wouldn’t it? It would work on sooooooo many levels… well at least two anyway. Sadly these guys are Australian + are unacquainted with the joys of a good Betel Nut chewing session with a posse of nonagenarian biddies and so they called their band The Beatels, which works on one level: a misspelling of The Beatles — and not a very clever one at that. Nevertheless I can’t wait to turn on, tune in, drop out for the “psychedelic set”. 
  • Underweight teenage jockeys racing horses…   do the parents know where they are on Saturday afternoon?
  • For our Irish readers — that’s yourself MichaelKellykelly and of course Mr. + Mrs. Teddy de Burca Jnr. — you can see a short travel article 12 steps to Hanoi by yours truly in the latest issue of Hotpress Magazine.  
  • For those of you who suffer from queue-rage this article offers little practical advice or solace for your soul — we already know lots of Vietnamese people don’t… anticipate having to queue up and how that rankles those Johnny Foreigners who just love a nicely formed, orderly queue that reminds them of their military days back home. Far more useful would be an article titled Top 5 ways to ensure you get to the head of the queue in Vietnam.  ‘Method 1‘, for example, would be create a diversion by asking your friend to cause a scene outside wherever you’re queuing by cycling around on a bicycle in their birthday suit shouting flibberty jibbet… it’s known as um… the Hanoi Diversion I believe.  Without the benefit of trial runs or the slightest shred of evidence, I say, with complete confidence that this has an 85% chance of success.  

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