Quick one-two



From England: A man or woman distracts a resident in his or her home. Perhaps by setting fire to a dog or a tree in the garden or stripping naked and cycling around the resident’s front lawn shouting ‘flibberty-jibbet’. No doubt each crook has his or her own preferred method or diversion routine — perhaps one’s rouse is like a calling card. A way of recklessly and daringly letting the Chief Superintendent know who was responsible — “A naked cyclist with a penchant for Shakespearean gibberish, eh? I smell the handiwork of that Goddamned Carruthers McDaid so I do.” Anyway, while the resident is distracted — “oh look at that naked man on a bicycle, let me get my camera phone so I can post this on youtube” — another man or woman, who is the accomplice of the distracting party, sneaks in the back door. The ‘backdoor’ perpetrator will find the car keys and stroll back out the back door. The naked bicyclist will then peddle away from the house and the exhilarated resident will return inside his or her house and continue to watch whatever replaced Grandstand on the BBC. He or she will then hear an engine start and the sound of wheels spinning on gravel. When he or she opens the front door he or she will see his or her car driving off. The driver/ thief will stop only to pick up his or her accomplice, who might or might not be naked.

Okay, naked bicyclists are actually probably not involved — we threw that in to grab and maintain your wayward attention — but you get the gist: someone is coaxed out of their house, a thief sneaks inside and nabs the keys before robbing the car. What we want to know is why are these crooks known as “The Hanoi Burglars” in old Blighty?

Your theories please folks…

Elsewhere, I am just waiting for the phone to start ringing ANY.MINUTE.NOW. and I am fully prepared to change my name to Dinh Hoang Teddy, no offence to Teddy de Burca Snr.  or the de Burca clan in general, for one day I shall return to be buried with my people, but with the SEA Games XXIV on the horizon I sense glory awaits.


4 Responses to “Quick one-two”

  1. 1 Derek

    “Hanoi-style burglaries are named after Operation Hanoi – the first police operation aimed at stamping them out. ”


    Do i win a prize?

    • 2 Yorkie

      Buon Giorno Derek!

      Ta muchly for the link and explanation though we’re still a’wondering at Comical Hat HQ why “Operation Hanoi”… a tribute to Quang Trung’s daring raid to reclaim the capital from the Chinese invaders with a sneaky-fake-pincer movement a.k.a The Double Slyer?

      It’s kind of like the lateral version of the “See the aeroplane, didn’t see the submarine!”-trick don’t you think?

      Though “Didn’t see the submarine-burglaries” is a bit of a mouthful I admit

  2. 3 Derek

    Police operations are often random/computer generated… though that should probably exclude countries/city/people/religious names etc… Did a search on operation hanoi but nothing came up.

  3. 4 Teddy

    I think Derek is officially first in line for a prize — when we get around to making our The Comical Hat t-shirt, boxer shorts, pillow cases and toiletries (toothbrushes, shower caps, bath mats, etc) we will be sending Derek the whole lot in a special gift pack.

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