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Two quick links


Some footage and interviews with some of the bands who came for the Hanoi International Music Festival last month here at the all-new Here’s a non-Vietnam related link: An ex-Newyorker staff writer tweets about how he got his dream job and eventually lost it…  an interesting use of twitter and a story too.

A peculiar story we heard of late is that a bunch of aggrieved parents in a village in Hai Phong province gathered outside the local people’s committee to protest as their sons can’t get married, not for love nor money. How is this the fault of anyone else other than the moping bachelors? Well, in […]

The banning of dancing at karaoke bars was mooted last month — due to the associated vices rather than the deed itself, like, and it’s still on the table according to this article though in the words of Spock it does seem most illogical. But who’s with me here in thinking this sounds vaguely familiar, […]

We’re showing some brotherly love for C.A.M.A. who have persuaded Ratatat to come to Hanoi next week — for the unacquainted or unconvinced here’s an article that Teddy’s first cousin Frank Patterson penned for timeout  last week…  The Brooklyn-duo Ratatat are one of the most exciting music acts to ever come to Vietnam, so don’t miss their upcoming live shows in […]

The offline world had us waylaid there and for that, as ever, we apologise. But there’s nothing as comforting as coming back online and knowing you’re all here waiting patiently like a flock of ducks in a park pond. If you’ve been in Vietnam, or if you are here, you’ll know it’s been bucketing down […]

…of the following: This is the two-wheeled future of Vietnam — now normally around these parts “electric bipeds” would only interest the beret-wearing wrinkled-faced stripey-pyjama-clad brigade and their darling spouses or the odd environmentally conscious young professional, who studied in Switzerland, but on the open road these babies go up to 50- 55mph/ 80-88.5 kmph  (twice the […]

  If I were to form a fab-four tribute band in Vietnam, I would christen it The Betel Nuts… that would be clever wouldn’t it? It would work on sooooooo many levels… well at least two anyway. Sadly these guys are Australian + are unacquainted with the joys of a good Betel Nut chewing session with […]

Much of the Vietnamese art scene is sadly a mess — this excellent Time article explains why…   Oh, and while I have you… beware of men selling meteorites — though one wonders why you would want one in the first place. Feng shui per chance?  …and thanks to Derek for endeavouring to answer my query about […]

Quick one-two


From England: A man or woman distracts a resident in his or her home. Perhaps by setting fire to a dog or a tree in the garden or stripping naked and cycling around the resident’s front lawn shouting ‘flibberty-jibbet’. No doubt each crook has his or her own preferred method or diversion routine — perhaps […]