Cinematic shenanigans


There’s a cinema down in TpHCM called Galaxy Cinema and the website is but oddly if you mistakenly type in .com rather than .vn at the end of the URL it flashes up saying “NON PAYMENT! This domain is for sale” before zooming you straight to… Megastar Cinema’s website – the arch nemesis main rival of said Galaxy down in Sunny Saigon, well, after all the pirated DVD shops, and Bit Torrent.  

Now is it a fan of Megastar doing us a favour in his/ her opinion or is it someone in Megastar being a naughty little rascal? I mean somebody has done it, the question is who, the other question is why, my god, this might be a case for Ong Hercules Poirot, who happens to be on a peregrination in “Indochine” as we speak…   

Anyway, speaking of the cinema, I just watched Man On Wire — about Philippe Petit, the tightrope walker, who walked between the World Trade Center in 1974 — and yes, I’m calling it folks, it’s the film of the month (or last year). Funny, stirring, poignant, inspirational, all that and more. And I just love the fact that he’s so outrageously French. At one point he explains how he got so frustrated on top of the World Trade Center, in the middle of the night we add, looking for a fishing line that had been shot across from the other tower with a bow and arrow (to help set up the wire), he says he threw off all his clothes and decided to walk around, trying to sense the fishing line with his naked body.

Now despite the lack of scientific evidence at hand on such matters I am convinced that only a French comedienne/ tightrope walker would conclude that nakedness was necessary in that situation.  My apologies if you are a non-French tightrope walker, who thinks otherwise. 

Here’s the trailer…   

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2 Responses to “Cinematic shenanigans”

  1. I was only saying last night that Man On Wire was the film of last year. Amazinge.

  2. Yeah — c’est formidable. Truly.

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