Breakfast bia (uống sáng chưa?)


Bia Hoi at 7am: The Wall Street Journal’s blog-correspondent goes for a bia-breakfast, at Hanoi’s “international bia hoi corner“, which is admirable, but it sounds like the guide might be fond of a tipple with what I presume is his outstandingly dubious claim that they have to go for a morning bia as, “Each morning at 6 o’clock, large barrels of beer are distributed from local breweries (the main ones being Hanoi Brewery and Viet Ha Brewery) to thousands of Bia Hoi outlets. With no added preservatives, the taste of the beer begins to stray from the moment it is made. That’s why Bia Hoi connoisseurs prefer their beverage for breakfast.”  

Connoisseurs being a euphemism for men with no jobs and a touch of dipsomania.  I wonder who else was down there at 7am?  The octogenarians in stripey pyjamas-crowd, perhaps, nibbling on organic nem chua and other gastronomical delights while savouring the “notes of barley malt” from the bia and each waft of burning tobacco in the air: “Oh, I love the smell of Vinataba in the morning,” said Ông Già Rồi to his mate Ông Sắp Chết Rồi. 

The article, which otherwise traces some other familiar tourist hotspots — Cafe Pho Co – check, Cha ca la vong – check — then abruptly ends halfway through a paragraph (at the time of writing at least).

What’s going on WSJ?


3 Responses to “Breakfast bia (uống sáng chưa?)”

  1. “Connoisseurs being a euphemism for men with no jobs and a touch of dipsomania” haha!

  2. That WSJ article is a piece of shallow, predictable CRAP. Mr Nguyen needs to sharpen up his act, get out of his comfort zone, find something interesting to show the esteemed writer from HK.

    BTW, your photo looks familiar!

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