Or are we dancer…

  • Thou shalt not dance at a karaoke bar — well, maybe. (Apparently drinking alcohol was also banned in karaoke bars not so long ago and that’s clearly not the case in actuality).  Why — you cry — this all sounds like pizza without da mozzarella and tomato sauce, champagne without the bubbles and caviar, a game of rugby without the halftime oranges and post-match camaraderie, a game of darts without pints of bitter and dolled up tarts on the side, et cetera, et cetera… you can take solace in the fact that air guitar solos seem to have slipped through the old net — though technically I guess you would have to be sitting down when you do one, if the dancing ban became reality.
  • Hanoi Rocks no more — google searches for news on Hanoi will perhaps no longer be peppered with links to the Finnish rock band Hanoi Rocks who finally called it quits after 30 years of lighters in the air-ballads and sweat drenched bandannas. It’s been emotional… 1135245154056

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