Introducing the vomit trough



Xin cám ơn, says the writing on the wall. “No YOU Xin cám ơn!” says me. Definitely a first, this added facility in a Ba Dinh district bia hoi has a cubicle with its own trough — as you can see — specifically for ejecting a stomach full of bia and nem chua into. It’s nicely raised on a wee platform to be at an optimum height for the bend over and hurl manoeuvre. However, interestingly at 9pm, during an involuntary survey of sorts, the two toilets to the left and all the urinals were covered in sick. Perhaps there was a queue for the vomit trough and people couldn’t hold it all down but I suspect that a number of binge drinking folk just didn’t know it was there or what it’s there for. What we need is a diagram or a helpful poster. Must put it on my ‘things to do’ as I prepare to run for mayor of Tây-Town (so far uncontested) although a bia hoi is way out of my jurisdiction technically speaking.


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