“Heavens to Mergatroid,” gushed Magaret, “I’m

feeling ever so light-headed after all that gin fizz.


  1. A clear indication of the seriousness of the global economic stultification we’re all facing is the fact The New York Times’ 36-hours in Hanoi-guide suggests heading to international bia hoi corner. It’s curtains for you Monsieur Metropole! The New Yorkers are shunning your caviar and champagne cocktails and going street. Boo ya.
  2. Speaking of words beginning with ‘metro’ — Hanoi is merely seven years away from going undergound, or so they would have us believe. I really think they should just say it’ll be finished in 2028 then everyone will be really impressed when it’s done in, say, 2021. Not that I’m doubtful…
  3. Fake police nabbed by not-fake police in Sunny Saigon. Police said N. black-mailed the offending racers and then released them. If a driver tried to resist, N. and his accomplice would club the offender, demanding that he offer them abribe…”
  4. Here’s a good idea — maybe: a map of all the construction sites in TPHCM… (an article in the SNooze here), so you can work your way around them (in theory).

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