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[Warning: Male readers may squirm and wince while reading this post] — Local newspaper Thanh Nien recently reported that doctors in hospitals in Ho Chi Minh City are reporting an increase in the number of men being dismembered by wives who are jealous of their husband’s girlfriend or girlfriends who are jealous of their boyfriend’s […]

A great day for music in Hanoi with special guests The Dorques, I am David Sparkle, Quan (of Regurgiator fame), Goo, Minuit and James Harries  coming to town from all around Southeast Asia and beyond…   Some pics here by Aidan B. Dockery and no prizes for spotting “dancer of the day”

There’s a cinema down in TpHCM called Galaxy Cinema and the website is but oddly if you mistakenly type in .com rather than .vn at the end of the URL it flashes up saying “NON PAYMENT! This domain is for sale” before zooming you straight to… Megastar Cinema’s website – the arch nemesis main rival of said Galaxy […]

Bia Hoi at 7am: The Wall Street Journal’s blog-correspondent goes for a bia-breakfast, at Hanoi’s “international bia hoi corner“, which is admirable, but it sounds like the guide might be fond of a tipple with what I presume is his outstandingly dubious claim that they have to go for a morning bia as, “Each morning at 6 o’clock, large barrels […]

Extra snippets from the relatively recent Top Gear special set in Vietnam here at youtube that obviously got left on the cutting room floor…  you get to see the Stig’s communist cousin hooning around on a Minsk (I don’t who Stig is…). I also spotted in the links to related videos that Mr. Clarkson had […]

For all our talk we don’t actually get to show you much hatted comicality, so with some relish, and thanks to one of our most dedicated readers, we’d like to introduce you to Jon Lawrence, an Australian collector of hats that are extraordinary, comical and of historical interest. He has “5153, plus or minus 30” […]

Reading the recent story about the “growing hair trade” on Vietnamnet reminded us that there’s a ghost story doing the rounds…. but first the preamble: there’s lots and lots of long, black hair in Vietnam, and it’s famous for it’s long-ness, blackness as well as lustrous beauty, so much so that people with less long […]