Let the wild rumpus begin!



A while ago we changed our blog design — we’re not telling you why but it’s not because Maurice Sendak’s lawyer emailed us and threatened to wipe The Comical Hat off the face of the earth with a ferocious avalanche of intimidating legal procedures.

You see we borrowed our image for the header from his book In the Night Kitchen and we never asked permission. Thankfully Sendak and his lawyers never noticed; possibly, though not probably, everyone was too excited about Sendak’s much-loved Where the Wild Things Are being turned into a motion picture with Spike Jonze at the helm.

Here’s a trailer with a curious Arcade Fire remix… looks like it could be cool but a film version of In the Night Kitchen would have been waaaaay better.  It was Sendak’s Blood on the Tracks don’t you know.


5 Responses to “Let the wild rumpus begin!”

  1. 1 Oslo

    I am the milk and the milk is me!

  2. Nothing’s the matter!

  3. 4 Oslo

    It was a sad [day] when the design dudes at the Comical Hat changed the Night Kitchen header. What happened?!

    • It was Copyright infringement guilt — our head designer couldn’t sleep for weeks and when he eventually did doze off he slipped into a nightmare version of In the night kitchen where the chefs were naked and physically abusive.

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