Quick links & snippets

  • An army of thousands: How many people do you think you’d need to conduct a census on TPHCM? Go on… have a guess.
  • Picture of the day: This driver didn’t get out of the right side of bed or his house… (he just reversed straight into the river apparently)


  • Crocs on the loose: Here’s one very good reason why you shouldn’t dangle your toddler over a canal in the Mekong Delta when he/ she needs to go for a slash: hungry crocodiles. Don’t despair — the mother managed to wrest her child back from the jaws of the croc, which had escaped from a nearby farm, and scurried away to safety. The croc gave chase but was beaten down and tied up by some locals, who were deservedly rewarded for their bravery, though not by the mother. The crocodile farm owner paid them VND3 million dong for returning his croc (in one piece).
  • Eyes on the road: From a TPHCM-based blog, SaigonNezumiHow to get stopped by the traffic police or rather, how to stop yourself in front of the police.
  • Letter from Vietnam: A short but amusing piece on Sunny Saigon from the Australian’s “the Wry Side”… and it is certainly wry…

    “The Rex Hotel, a grand white palace where war correspondents, spies and top brass once drank cold beer, thrums with vitality. Pretty young women and their cocksure boyfriends slurp cocktails with ridiculous names.

    I took the lift to the ground floor and an American veteran of the Vietnam War stared at me. “They shot me four times,” he shouted as if it had happened yesterday.

    He opened his shirt to reveal a ragged, round scar in the middle of his chest. “They shot me here, in ma gut, ma leg and ma foot.” He would have shown more scars had the lift not reached its destination.

    “Ah had to come back here just one more time before ah die,” he explained.

    The next day, I saw him again on the street near the Rex walking with an old GI pal. Both men had veteran’s badges and had been buying war souvenirs: engraved lighters, hip-flasks and “commie” posters.


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