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  1. Photo Essay: Young scamps on motorbikes in Hanoi…
  2. Spam-a-lama-ding-dong: Find out who’s spamming your mobile phone… and what can be done about it (Clue: Not much).
  3. Earth Hour: Lights out on Saturday evening, March 28 for an hour at least — can Hanoi do it? At 830pm on a Saturday? Hard to imagine one million men turning off the premiership football. Still… candlelit bia hoi session anyone?
  4. Music festival: By the way, this is rapidly approaching on the  horizon — and you’d be off yer rocker to miss it. The former hack and current DJ, Mr. Jonty Skruff, who played  a couple of sets in Hanoi last December, interviewed a couple of the organisers here…
  5. Turntablist versus turntablist: Are you a dj and do you want to battle other djs? The Comical Hat is thinking about turning up and having a dance off with these guys
  6. The Yankee Noodles: Local baseball enthusiasts in Hanoi — think they might need a coach, and a pitch…  or should I say ‘diamond’? This could  be a beautiful life-defining moment for some haggard, world weary, nearly man of the major leagues who is now based in Vietnam — like those 37 films made in the last decade or so: Slapshot, Coach Carter, Remember the Titans, A League of their Own, Glory Road, Express, Dodgeball, For Love of the Game, Gridion Gang, The Rookie, Hoosiers, Bull Durham, Bad News Bears, Any Given Sunday and on an on and on where a tough, washed up former player-now-turned-coach with a screwed up private life (divorced + alcoholic is the preferred standard) teaches and inspires and galvanises an underachieving or hapless team made up of misfits, dweebs and oh-so-infuriating-could-be-superstars-if-they-just-learned-how-to-be-team players-mavericks, and leads these lovable losers to an unlikely victory against the Singapore Red Sox at the 2011 SEA Games in the Bodge, but of course, it’s not the winning that counts… more importantly life lessons are learned along the way, the  dweebs learn to stand up for themselves and get tattoos, the mavericks become humble and patient, the misfits realise society isn’t out to get them and decide to start working part time in a home for the elderly, and the American coach cleans up his act and goes sober, he will have met someone nice, one of the kids’ stunning-looking divorced mothers, and although that at first is a little uncomfortable for young Tuan Anh, he soon grows to love this new father figure in his life. The End.

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