Anthony Bourdain in the Nam


Anthony Bourdain, who absolutely insists that there’s No Reservations, except when his producers phone ahead — miaoww! — was filming the food scene down in Sunny-side up Saigon last October. The ‘Vietnam’ episode of his show was on telly in the US earlier this week.  No webclip for now but lots of photos on his site of the main places he visited (including the Rex Hotel where he quaffs Saigon’s liquid delicacy of choice…. yes, my friends, behold the mojito!). 

Foodies and TPHCM citizens might be interested in this full list of where he went and what he ate. (The blogger extraordinaire and former-Saigon resident, Gastronomer of gas•tron•o•my tipped him off for his rendez vous with “the lunch lady”). He also went to Hoi An, a town he is still contemplating relocating to, according to his blog

“It’s no mystery to anyone who knows me, or has ever heard me speak publicly, or ever read my books that I’m utterly besotted with Viet Nam. And as I may also have mentioned, I plan to spend a year there sooner or later. This show coming up is a sentimental return to Saigon — where I first touched ground in-country back in 2000, a settling up of business with a much loved, departed friend, a reunion with Philippe Lajaunie, my former boss at Les Halles and my sidekick on those first heady days of making television for “A Cook’s Tour.” It’s also a trip to the historic village of Hoi An and surrounding countryside for purposes of acquainting myself with the area — the housing market in particular. Can I live there? Will my family be happy? (My little girl-by then age three — or three and a half — most importantly.) Will she like the new neighborhood? That’s what the show’s about. Another episode in my continuing love affair with Viet Nam.”

Just a pity he couldn’t make it to the capital we have food here too you know, yeah, and Hanoi invented pho and snails and seafood and beer and motorbikes and conical hats… so there!

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  • …and eating grub and drinking Halida in Mai Chau, last time around…

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