Gene Wilder in Vietnam: update


Dedicated Gene Wilder fans end up on The Comical Hat everyday looking for a snippet of info on the great comic one’s current whereabouts (or else just by accident). We know because we can see in our helpful Blog Stats that the Oracle/ Google has led you here.

Now we hate to see people go away empty-handed, or disappointed, so today, we have something JUST.FOR.YOU. Hitherto we thought Gene Wilder was in Mui Ne along the coast of Binh Thuan province in Vietnam. But a reliable Saigon-based gosssipmonger has informed us that this is “Absolute poppycock.” (We’re paraphrasing. No one would actually say that, just like no one says ‘Jolly Hockeysticks’ anymore.) The 76-year old Wilder is far too old to go kite-surfing so why bother going to Mui Ne*? Our source informed us that he has actually done a Kurtz and is somewhere down the Mekong (our money is on Can Tho). So we were on the right track only barking up the wrong tree with Mui Ne.

Anyway, without the slightest shred of evidence, but with a fair degree of certainty, we’d speculate that right now Monsieur Wilder is actually on a fruit farm, or near a fruit farm, or eating fruit, or contemplating going to the market and buying some fruit.

I mean, why else would you move to the Mekong Delta?  It’s all about the vitamins right?

* UPDATE: My apologies for presuming a 70-something-year old can’t kitesurf. That remark was ageist and ignorant. My documentary-producing + short-film-making friend who hails from Dublin but dwells from the Kingdom of Kerry informs me that a septuagenarian from Harold’s Cross in Dublin is a keen kitesurfer, so keen, they’re making a wee documentary about him. I’d put an egg on my face, if I had an egg


6 Responses to “Gene Wilder in Vietnam: update”

  1. 1 Ginger

    My husband and I met Gene in the Mekong Delta in 2003. He had recently married a very young Vietnamese woman whose family had a restaurant we were eating at (not a good one, either). She did not speak English. We are not fans and were not impressed with him. He wouldn’t stop talking about himself and he wouldn’t leave us alone.

    • Ginger — thanks for confirming what I have always suspected. I’m truly delighted that you met Gene. But not liking Gene Wilder not leaving you alone… and not being a fan… sheesh. Now THAT sounds a bit weird. Haven’t you seen Blazing Saddles? Or Young Frankenstein?

      And while I have you, why do you think a woman from the middle of the Mekong Delta in Southeast Asia doesn’t speak English?

      Do get back to me on this.

      • 3 Ginger

        i like him as an actor but he was quite self-absorbed and irritating. He said his wife did not speak English. Hope this helps.

  2. 4 Oslo

    I meant this:

  3. 5 Oslo

    Just found this on Amazon, to do with his latest book:
    “Gene Wilder has been acting since he was thirteen and writing for the screen since the early 1970s. His first book, about his own life, was Kiss Me Like A Stranger. His first novel, set in France in World War I, is My French Whore. He lives in Connecticut with his wife, Karen.”

    CONNECTICUT??!! WTF has he been doing in Vietnam?!

    The Book:

    And over on Wikipaedia:
    “In more recent years, Wilder turned his attention to writing, producing a memoir in 2005, Kiss Me Like A Stranger: My Search for Love and Art, and the novels My French Whore (2007) and The Woman Who Wouldn’t (2008).”

    The plot thinnens. …

  4. 6 michael tran

    I met gene wilder in 2003 summer I believe. Met him in saigon when I was 12. He was a nice guy. I had no clue why he was there but he was on the back of a motorcycle with a vietnamese guy. My dad started talking to him outside the hotel we were staying at. No one knew who he was and my dad loves to talk to strangers. So when he introduced himself and then asked my sisters and I if we ever saw the movie charlie and the chocolate factory? Then he told us that he played the one guy. My sisters and I were like wow lol. That’s all

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