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A while ago we changed our blog design — we’re not telling you why but it’s not because Maurice Sendak’s lawyer emailed us and threatened to wipe The Comical Hat off the face of the earth with a ferocious avalanche of intimidating legal procedures. You see we borrowed our image for the header from his […]

Perhaps it was the lack of scantily clad long-legged models or the drab scenery on an overcast day in the capital, but the new sub-Aquatic Mitsubishi automated vehicle failed to impress ‘Ô tô-fans‘ at the recent To Lich Roadshow…

“I assure you it’s the latest style in Venice!” I knew it all along. A team of scientists, I may or may have not just imagined on the way to work, has discovered that speeding up, crouching over the handlebars and driving on the wrong side of the road just as it starts to rain […]

No more “One for the road” drinks There will be a clampdown on drink driving in Vietnam as of July — that’s right, you heard us correctly, prepare to be breathalised as you leave the snake restaurant claiming to be as  sober as a judge — when a new law is introduced that means motorcyclists […]

An army of thousands: How many people do you think you’d need to conduct a census on TPHCM? Go on… have a guess. Picture of the day: This driver didn’t get out of the right side of bed or his house… (he just reversed straight into the river apparently) Crocs on the loose: Here’s one […]

Surfing Vietnam


Just read about the documentary film Between the Lines, the true story of two surfers in the Vietnam war, which sounds like its worth keeping an eye out for, no matter what your interest in surfing is. It’s not about “surfing” but about surfers in a war, if you know what I mean. “When an […]

You can probably tell by the way Shamrock is sprouting out of the word Google it’s St. Patrick’s Day.  People — Irish or not — these days like to say to each other “Happy St Patrick’s Day” as if it’s like Christmas or every Irish person in the world’s birthday. They’re missing the point that […]