Cashing in on Obama


Karaoke Obama: A karaoke bar owner on De La Thanh street is taking advantage of the Obamarama feel good factor (tiếng Việt thời).


They’re not the only ones, of course. There’s also the t-shirt vendors around Hanoi with an image of George Dubya’s better-late-than-never-replacment that read: Obama, go tell yo momma.

Elsewhere in the world, Moneygall in Co. Offaly in Ireland where El presidente Americano’s great great great great grandfather, Fulmuth Kearney was born made a big song and dance out of the archaic connection, quite literally, thanks to the unintentionally evil Corrigan Brothers who wrote Nobody’s as Irish as Barack Obama, a song so woe-geously woeful I refuse to hyperlink you there and back as you’d never forgive me. Google it yourself if curiosity gets the better of you, but really… YOU.HAVE.BEEN.WARNED. Ireland’s most super-intelligent killjoy Fintan O’Toole explained why he didn’t like the song for other reasons than its Paddywhackery and overwhelming crapness and then a rector from Moneygall wrote back to explain why he didn’t like Fintan O’Toole‘s vituperative intellectual musings. Lads, lads… where’s the feelgood factor gone?

Economically friendly fodder: Ah the Hanoi Doner Kebab — slowly but surely usurping pho… well, according to that guy anway. And who is responsible for this wave of kebabery? The Goethe Institute that’s who. Not sure if the local love of kebabs is an economically powered decision as suggested by the headline: Hard up consumers [put?] down chopsticks and pick up a kebab. It’s like… globalisation innit?

A mistress scorned: And while I have you, speaking of the economic crunch, here’s a bizarre story about a Chinese business tycoon who decided he could no longer afford his five mistresses so he“held a contest to decide which one to keep… The contest took a tragic turn when one of the mistresses, who was eliminated based on her looks, drove her former lover and the four other women off a mountain road in an apparent fit of anger…” Only the driver died. 


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