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This just in… the economy is a bit poorly: The first signs of strain? The SNooze wakes up to the economic crisis and don’t you forget you read it THERE first. Spotted in the first of a series of articles/ blogs here by the UK Telegraph’s business columnist/ blogger who will be writing/ blogging on Vietnam’s economic situation over the next wee while.

Photo-posse: Some of Hanoi’s finest photographers have formed a collective — if you want a photographer check them out.

Go on the Wainwright: Another Hanoi-based photo-man, Julian Wainwright just picked up an award from the World Press Photo Awards (the world’s largest and most prestigious annual photojournalism contest we’ll have you know). His shots of the 10m divers at Beijing Olympics are proof that the man’s a feckin’ GENIUS. But remember The Comical Hat found him before you did, awright?

And another photo-blogger…: From the Swerve of Shore is a blog belonging to yet another locally-based foreign photographer — where do they all come from you ask? — and this 100-year old woman’s story is amazing.

Mickey D’s conical hat: A bit of ingenuity for McDonald’s Asian food advertising campaign — (As spotted on khongcoai) — but why does McDonald’s make Asian food? It’s as stupid as Pho 24 having a cheeseburger, non?

Mr. taxi hư lắm: We keep reading about the crackdown on naughty taxi drivers overcharging people or wrestling each other over customers in Tan Son Nhat Airport in TPHCM. Funnily enough The Comical Hat editorial board just had a quick business trip (serious discussions on hatted comicality with high-level executives) and a taxi driver tried and failed to overcharge us by a fairly healthy VND12o,000. A moral dilemma ensues… would you dear reader, ring the newly-established hotline and grass on the chancer (then picture him losing his job, then his house, then his wife…  his whole world slowly but surely falling asunder) or not bother your arse? Currently we’d be not bothering our arses.

Riverside parking: This must be at the very least a weekly occurence over at the To Lich river (ah who could resist those leafy-with-love banks and  greeny-brown-but more brown than green waters?)


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  1. 1 JC

    And to add to the list of locals gaining a bit of recognition…expat food blog Sticky Rice (http://stickyrice.typepad.com) has appeared in the Times Online list of best 50 food blogs worldwide…at number 22 no less: http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/life_and_style/food_and_drink/real_food/article5561425.ece

  2. C’est super cool!

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