The Curious Case of Benjamin Gump


If you haven’t seen The dull as dishwater case of Benjamin Button in which Brad Pitt “ages backwards through the magic of virtuoso CGI and average acting…” I am about to ruin it for you. Here’s a vid exposing how this is in fact just a repeat of the Hollywood schmaltz that was Forrest Gump.

Blinkx Video: The Curious Case of Forrest Gump (highly recommended)

Comically it’s the same screenwriter (self-plagiarism?).  Tragically it’s also up for the exact same amount of Oscars.

If that’s not enough then read The Guardian’s Bradshaw’s damning indictment here. And those coffee-slurping-bagel-eating-yellow-taxi-riding-New Yorkers haven’t been fooled — it might be “amber-hued” but it is in essence “attenuated folly”. The Academy has been fooled though– no less than 13 Oscars. God-fecking-Father Part II by way of comparison only got 11. Citizen Cane got nine. The Comical Hat urges you not to bother.  Go watch Wall-E (again?).  Now that’s both curious and digitally perfect.  Or better still, hunt out the click on this link for the original story by F Scott Fitzgerald of Benjamin Button and pedantically scoff at friends when they ask if you’ve seen the film.  “That amber hued attenuated folly? Heavens,  no! Fitzgerald would turn in his grave if he’d had to endure that travesty of vacuous film making! However, I must say the novella was an utter delight…”

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2 Responses to “The Curious Case of Benjamin Gump”

  1. 1 nguyen my thuat

    should have been called ‘Benjamin Snooze Button’

    • My Thuat oi, you big slapper — looks like you got my warning too late, Benjamin Button apparently runs on Snooze Control from start to finish — but hey it IS amber-hued — but it could still win Best Picture (scant competition this year but still….). It’s fairytale-slash-nightmare plot is obviously seen as touching for all those aging Hollywood producers and actors who wished they could be young again. In fact it should have been reworked as a horror movie about a vain old actor Imagine you could reverse the aging process but then couldn’t stop it… This is the story of Benjamin Butthead

      David Denby has a pop at both Benjamin Gump and Slumdog Millionaire over at the NewYorker

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