Shoes on, Shoes off and a quick poke in the eye of facebook


Chúc mừng năm mới: Question – What’s the great irony of Tet? Answer – Putting on your best pair of shoes to go visiting people’s houses only to have to take them off before going inside and being forced to slide into some unattractive honeycomb dzep. It’s too late for advice this year but next year don’t be afraid to take care of the formalities — chúc mừng năm mới et cetera — and then insist that everyone steps outside to admire your shoes.  “Da Y (Italian leather),” you can tell your hosts while you all gaze on your spankingkly clean brogues.

Online-world shenanigans: The Comical Hat editorial board set out its stall on social networking sites a long time ago — some folk don’t drink, or don’t smoke, well we don’t Facebook. The main motivation behind being a conscientious objector was the fact that we have a sliver of free time in the morning and afternoon left after checking emails, reading the papers, complaining about the traffic and wondering aloud what to have lunch/ dinner and in that sliver of time we have to actually do some work. We also knew from the very start that it was pure evil. Every month we read with smug schadenfreude -y satisfaction how people rue the day facebook destroyed their lives or realise how shallow and fickle this online world can be. A New York Times‘ writer laments how you can be defriended just for a whopper and a Guardian writer details how her marriage went belly up thanks to a sordid online relationship (we didn’t even know you could do that) her husband conducted behind her back (remember —  thou shalt not ‘poke’ thy neighbour’s wife).


Oh, and Facebook Inc. has now signed facebook users’ info away for gazillions of dollars too — so now if you’re a member you’re  even more of a commodity.  Can you tell we’re bitter? Is it obvious we feel left out? Sometimes when dark despair benights us we stubbornly sign into Flickr and wonder why all our friends don’t come around to comment on our photos anymore…  Oh, and can one of you nice people share this on Facebook so we get more hits than usual?


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