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Gartenstadt restaurant of TPHCM either has a spectacular sense of humour or has been taken for a ride….  (from pg 19 of the Vietnam News, Friday February 27). Truly wunderbar… Those meaty sausages from Germany, Switzerland and Slovakia of “all shapes and sizes” will no doubt make the “small French sausage” feel a bit intimidated […]

Meet the most miserable Tây ba lô (backpacker) in the history of the Vietnamese tourism industry EVER. He outlines why he hates Vietnam with this short and snappy seven hundred paragraph-long-rant. You know, the first rule of blogging is why stop writing when you don’t have to? (Second rule is there are no more rules). […]

Karaoke Obama: A karaoke bar owner on De La Thanh street is taking advantage of the Obamarama feel good factor (tiếng Việt thời). They’re not the only ones, of course. There’s also the t-shirt vendors around Hanoi with an image of George Dubya’s better-late-than-never-replacment that read: Obama, go tell yo momma. Elsewhere in the world, […]

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This just in… the economy is a bit poorly: The first signs of strain? The SNooze wakes up to the economic crisis and don’t you forget you read it THERE first. Spotted in the first of a series of articles/ blogs here by the UK Telegraph’s business columnist/ blogger who will be writing/ blogging on […]

The continuing adventures of Topio the Robot: “[Please read doing your best electronic-robot voice] I am a Robot. My name is Topio. I play ping pong. I have a head, two hands and six legs. I can hit the ball, calculate a score and express feelings upon losing or winning a game. I challenge you […]

It wasn’t her year. Miss Vietnam’s that is. She blew it with that ghastly evening gown! Still Vietnam can be proud she — không biết tên là gì — did manage to get into the Top 20 at Miss Unibarse 2008 — which in case you didn’t know, and I sincerely hope you didn’t, is […]

If you haven’t seen The dull as dishwater case of Benjamin Button in which Brad Pitt “ages backwards through the magic of virtuoso CGI and average acting…” I am about to ruin it for you. Here’s a vid exposing how this is in fact just a repeat of the Hollywood schmaltz that was Forrest Gump. […]

Tet, tet, tet… : It’s not all about kumquat trees and sweet scented apricot blossom branches you know. This series of videos over at VNExpress show the stressful side of Lunar New Year — highlights include one zillion people trying to lay offerings at the Perfume Pagoda and a young charlatan setting up his own […]

Chúc mừng năm mới: Question – What’s the great irony of Tet? Answer – Putting on your best pair of shoes to go visiting people’s houses only to have to take them off before going inside and being forced to slide into some unattractive honeycomb dzep. It’s too late for advice this year but next […]