Troubled in paradise


Who said Mui Ne was all about flopping around on the three-foot wide beach complaining about the amount of kite-surfers spoiling your view? It’s ok if you did. We’ve said it ourselves along with things like “Mui Ne was sooooo much better when no one knew about it” — who could forget the old days when you had to hack your way through a jungle just to even see the beach and you couldn’t get a good woodfire-baked Italian pizza for love nor money.

Anyways, this blog-website we just discovered over here is a veritable compendium of everything you need to know about Mui Ne (it also has a lot of info on what you probably don’t need to know, too) that’s also peppered with local controversies in the body of the blog — just scroll down to discover what’s riling the locals in paradise. The creator also blogs here. That particular post would make it sound like Mui Ne is a stressful place to live (at times) — highlights include drunk Ruskis, foreigners getting screwed at petrol stations + having their motorbikes confiscated by the boys in pea green – and maybe it is. Those bloody kite surfers would drive me nuts after a week.


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