Who’s naming these building projects?


Just read a letter from Saigon and the closing words Times Square (the building is actually called in full Saigon Times Square) did make us laugh — how didn’t we notice that before? And seriously who is responsible for it? It’s not the only oddly chosen not to mention not particularly patriotic name kicking around constructor-world. We heard one project in Hanoi is to be called Louis XVI XIV. Can’t you just picture it brimming with French period opulence: Ruby encrusted goblets of wine, corset-squeezed bosoms, regal ladies with powdery make up and beauty marks, high-heeled fancy-Dans with ostentatious wigs, John Malkovich deflowering a breathless debutant under the harpsicord — oh that incorrigible cad! — and other scenes inspired by Hollywood period films’ visions of pre-revolutionary France that have saturated our flimsy imagination.

A few years ago when the sky was the limit developers and architects  were not holding back when planning a few of these mostly yet-to-be-built-buildings — the likes of PetroVietnam’s 108-floor springs to mind.  If King Kong ever comes to town at least we’ll know where he’s heading for in the closing climatic scene.

Another lavish classic was the 55-floor VinaShin building… (give me a ‘V’!)


…and the aforementioned Saigon Times Square will supposedly look a little like this…

And here endeth our once-in-a-blue-moon post on the skyscraper scene in Vietnam.  Come back in September for Part II.


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