Two thousand oh-nine

  • Return of the Hat: We’re back in the saddle here at The Comical Hat HQ. And what have we missed over our Christmas-New Year sabbatical? Diddley-squat by the looks of it. Well, Vietnam Vo Dich. Finally, perennial arch nemeses Thailand and Singapore were beaten in the same competition as Vietnam clinched the Suzuki Cup. The World Cup is now but an academic formality that shall be clinched within the 21st century. Of that we’re sure. Some people — okay, a lot of people got very excited over the recent win including this man in a brassiere, who reminds one member of the Comical Hat‘s staff of a cross dressing Stag at a recent Stag party in Hanoi…


  • Futbol: Not to be completely outdone the capital city’s self-declared most handsome footballing collective continued its cup run with a 1-1 draw last Saturday that ensured a 4-1 aggregate win over ESE. The Minskers are now undefeated in cup competition this season. Hence the fact that this is a cup run. Aidan B. Dockery took some pictures — here. He also took some photos of the Vietnam game over here. And also over there.
  • Utopian salary: Sticking with football-related stories, former Vietnam national striker Whatshisface Quyen (the guy who got done a few years back for match fixing) has become an independent footballer. Despite the fact that FIFA regulations state each football team must have at least seven players on the pitch, Quyen is no doubt eager as a beaver to get back on the pitch and show us what he can do Hans Solo or on his Toblerone, if you prefer. “Watch out for his mazy dribbles boys!” His former club denied his last demands for a contract after describing his requested salary as “utopian” which is another way of saying I just looked up a word in Vietnamese that kinda-sorta means unattainable but looked at the meandering Thesaurus and decided upon this rather sophisticated word instead. And why not. Let’s not be afraid of the big words in oh-nine. Let’s get… pleonastic?
  • Đẹp quá reduction: Despite calls from some members of the public to have a beauty pageant every week in Vietnam somebody somewhere has thankfully put the foot down and said that there can only be one each year — so is this the end of the road for Miss Photogenic, Miss Tourism, Miss Bikini, Miss Conical Hat, Miss Rather Fetching on a Motorcycle?
  • Xấu quá: A local magazine, Mot insists this man is one of the worst dressed individuals in the land, and he’s none too pleased about that along with his fellow nominees for worst ensembles in the land. We think the tie is a winner. And the jacket… ’tis a peach.


  • Xa Lo Info: On the list of things we have recently discovered is a kind of Vietnamese google.  Good for looking things up in tiếng Việt perhaps.
  • WE.LOVE.GENE.WILDER: We do. But we’re only saying that so the on average six people who google Gene Wilder every day and end up on the Comical Hat won’t be too disappointed to discover that we don’t actually write much about Gene Wilder on a post-to-post basis. Though we do really love him and we did write a post a while back about how there was a rumour that he frequents Nha Trang or Mui Ne and we’re still waiting for somebody to spot him and let us know if that is đúng làm. Hint: He may  be wearing a comical hat Dickie-bow… and he’s really, really old now.


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